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Interview with the Chairman and CEO and the President, Biotech & Health Services Division: Innovest Global, Inc. (OTCMKTS:IVST)

Martin, Dan
Dan Martin is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Innovest Global, Inc. Mr. Martin is an accomplished C-level executive with success driving results across a broad base of middle-market companies. He has earned a reputation for creating business models that are able to efficiently acquire customers while providing significant levels of compensation to independent distributors, for using technology to enhance results, and for efficiently managing efforts to be on time and cost effective. His primary expertise is understanding the needs of growing organizations, evaluating and defining the strategic objectives of a business, and communicating with stakeholders to successfully execute company objectives. Mr. Martin has led the initiative to generate both organic and acquisition-based sales in upstart environments on multiple occasions. Profile
Morris-Irvin, Dwain
Dwain Morris-Irvin, Ph.D., MPH, is President, Biotech & Health Services Division of Innovest Global, Inc. Dr. Morris-Irvin is an active participant in many biotechnology and health science endeavors and is an expert including patent generation in such areas as treatments for Parkinson’s disease, brain cancer and even cosmetic application of advanced bioscience. He is also an expert in the physical operations of laboratories and hospitals. He received his Ph.D. from UCLA School of Medicine, a master’s degree in public health from UCLA School of Public Health and trained at The Wallenberg Neuroscience Center at Lund University in Lund, Sweden. He was also a professor, faculty member at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Department of Neurosurgery. Dr. Morris-Irvin’s Ph.D. is in pharmacology and developmental neuroscience with an emphasis on neural stem cell fate and differentiation. His research focused on neural development and notch signaling in mammalian neural stem cells. He also worked as an NIH/NINDS postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Anders Bjorklund laboratory in Lund, Sweden. There, his focus was on research projects that investigated the potential role of cell replacement therapy for patients with Parkinson’s disease. They developed several protocols for the efficient generation of dopaminergic neurons from forebrain and ventral midbrain stem and progenitor cells. Additionally, Dr. Morris-Irvin led research investigations in the role of adaptive immunity in Parkinson’s disease. He also developed two patents in the area of immunotherapy for brain tumor patients, specifically glioblastoma multiforme — GBM. His research team focused on molecular mechanisms that impart therapeutic resistance in cancer cells, including cancer stem cells. They utilized this data to develop novel immunotherapies for brain tumor patients. Profile
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TWST: Innovest Global is a holdings company of which some of the holdings are in health care. Can you talk about the holdings and what criteria you have used to guide