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Interview with the Founder and CEO: United States Antimony Corporation (NYSEAMERICAN:UAMY)

Lawrence, John C.
John C. Lawrence, Founder and CEO, founded United States Antimony Corporation in 1969. He mined antimony underground from 23 drifts at Thompson Falls, Montana. He built and operated a flotation mill to process antimony ore. Also, he built and operated an antimony leach plant, reactor, electrowinning circuit proprietary furnace systems to produce antimony metal, sodium antimonite and antimony oxide, and remove impurities such as arsenic, lead, bismuth, silver and gold. He is also responsible for smelted ore from China, Mexico, Europe, Bolivia, Peru, Alaska, Canada, Honduras, Guatemala, Australia and the United States. This is the only significant antimony plant left in the United States. Mr. Lawrence holds a B.A. in geology and mineralogy from Hamilton College and a Master of Arts in geology and mineralogy from the University of Wyoming. He completed all coursework and wrote a dissertation for a Ph.D. degree. Although he never defended the thesis, it was published and sponsored by the Utah Geological Survey. Profile
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TWST: Please share a brief introduction to U.S. Antimony with a view to the key progress and changes since last year.

Mr. Lawrence: I've got