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Increasing Outsourcing of R&D to Benefit Chinese Medical Research Firms

Mann, Jason
Jason Mann, M.D., recently joined Barclays Capital and is responsible for leading coverage of the pharmaceutical/health care sector in China. He is based in Hong Kong. Dr. Mann joined Barclays Capital from Mann Biotechnology Ventures, an independent consultancy where he advised hedge funds and venture capital firms on investments in the China and U.S. pharmaceutical/health care space. He also worked at SciClone Pharmaceuticals, the largest China-focused U.S. therapeutics company, and advised senior management as a Consultant in the biopharma and health care sectors at McKinsey & Company. He has a medical degree and Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University, as well as an A.B. from Harvard University. Profile
TWST: Please tell us about the areas you cover in the Chinese market under the heading of medical research services, labs, diagnostic services and biotech.

Dr. Mann: China is an