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Identifying Small Caps with Improving Earnings Dynamics

Schrotberger, Jason
Jason Schrotberger is a Senior Portfolio Manager and Global Equity Analyst at Turner Investments. He is lead manager of Turner’s Global Consumer Long/Short, SMID Growth and Small Cap GrowthPlus strategies. Mr. Schrotberger has worked at Turner Investments since 2001 covering stocks in the consumer sector, and has 20 years of investment experience. Prior to joining Turner Investments, Mr. Schrotberger was an Investment Analyst at BlackRock Financial Management. He also served as an Equity Analyst at PNC Asset Management and for the Public School Employees’ Retirement System for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He began his career with Safeguard Scientifics, where he served as a Venture Capital Analyst. Mr. Schrotberger graduated from Denison University with a B.A. in economics, and earned an MBA in finance from the University of Illinois. He is a regular member of the CFA Institute and CFA Society of Philadelphia. Profile
TWST: If you would, start by introducing our readers to Turner Investments with a bit about the firm's history and its business today.

Mr. Schrotberger: Our firm was founded in 1990,