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Hugh M. Neuburger – Dlj Asset Management

HUGH M. NEUBURGER is responsible for all quantitative analysis underlying the firm's management of equity, fixed income and balanced portfolios. He co-manages each of the Winthrop Equity Mutual Funds, including the Winthrop Growth Fund. Prior to establishing his econometric consulting firm, Mr. Neuburger was a Founder and Managing Director of Matrix Capital. Earlier he was a Director in the Pension Asset Management Group of Prudential Insurance Company. He served as an Assistant Professor in the Columbia University Graduate School of Business before joining Prudential. Mr. Neuburger received his BA, MA and PhD from the University of Chicago, as well as a second MA from the University of Illinois. In addition to the scholarly articles in the fields of macroeconomics, applied economics and finance he has authored, he is a Past President of the Society of Quantitative Analysts and a member of the American Economic Association. Mr. Neuburger is a member of the Management Committee and is a Principal of the Asset Management Group. Profile
TWST: You manage a portfolio of diversified large cap growth stocks.

Will you define those terms?

Mr. Neuburger: Large cap typically refers to firms with $1 billion or

more in equity