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Gyanendra K. Joshi – Systematic Financial Management

GYANENDRA (JOE) K. JOSHI joined Systematic Financial Management in 1996 as Chief Investment Officer and Senior Managing Director. He began his career in 1964 as a Cost Accountant in the United Kingdom at the Benjamin Electrical Company. In 1973, he joined the Warner Lambert Company as a Senior Internal Auditor, becoming Director of Pension Investments five years later. While at Lambert, Mr. Joshi developed the Value Equity Philosophy as implemented in the company's retirement portfolio. After 14 years with Warner Lambert, he joined State House Capital Management where he served as Managing Director of Equities. In May of 1989, Mr. Joshi joined Mitchell Hutchins as a Managing Director of Equities and Chief Investment Officer for Core Value Equities, where he continues to perfect the investment discipline that he developed over many years. Mr. Joshi has assembled an outstanding performance record utilizing a disciplined value-oriented approach to investments in large capitalization stocks. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce, a Master's degree from Agra University, and an M.B.A. from Fairleigh Dickenson University. Mr. Joshi is married, has four daughters, and enjoys swimming, tennis, reading, and history in his leisure. Profile
TWST: Joe, as a traditional value manager, I wanted to ask you what you

feel is foremost in investor's minds, your investors in particular, with

the market at current levels?

Mr. Joshi: Many