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Guerrino Deluca – Logitech International S.a. (logi)

GUERRINO DeLUCA has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Logitech International S.A. since 1998. An industry veteran with more than 20 years domestic and international experience, he leads Logitech's continuing growth as the world's largest manufacturer of computer mice and PC video cameras, and a major provider of personal interface products that define the way people work, play and communicate in the digital world. Mr. De Luca has an extensive background in product strategy, marketing and management. Under his guidance, Logitech's marketing is focused on supporting the company's strong global brand, stimulating demand across all channels and meeting customer needs with products that are technically sound, innovative, well designed, and affordably priced. He is also responsible for maintaining Logitech's competitive edge in high-volume manufacturing and integrated worldwide operations. Prior to joining Logitech, Mr. De Luca held a broad range of executive positions at Apple Computer, Claris Corporation and Olivetti. He served as Apple's Executive Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. Prior to this role, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of Claris Corp., one of the world's largest vendors of personal computing software. Under his leadership at Claris, the company showed significant worldwide growth and posted record revenue and profits. In Europe, De Luca served as Vice President of Business Markets for Apple Computer. During this time, Apple experienced record growth in the European region. He began his career at Olivetti in Ivrea, Italy, where he held several engineering management positions, including Director of Networking Products, with responsibility for product development and product marketing. Mr. De Luca holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Rome. He currently lives in San Francisco with his wife and two children Profile
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