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Growth Stocks At Value Prices – Jeffrey R. Scharf – Scharf Investments Llc

Jeffrey R. Scharf is the founder and managing member of Scharf Investments LLC. After graduating from the University of California with a degree in Economics, he became a successful private investor. During his years of private practice, he saw that performance did not always match promise in the financial services industry. Scharf Investments was founded in 1983 with the goal of filling this gap. Mr. Scharf writes a bi-weekly newspaper column entitled "Everybody's Business" for the Santa Cruz Sentinel. He has had articles published in Barron's magazine. He has been a lecturer in Economics at the University of California at Santa Cruz and has been a featured speaker at investment symposia in New York City and Santa Cruz. Profile
TWST: Let's begin with the overview of your firm, Scharf Investments, and your investment philosophy.

Mr. Scharf: Scharf Investments is a registered investment adviser. We manage money for