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Growth Managers Put Quality First, Avoid Shiny Objects

Klapmeyer, Bradley
Bradley Klapmeyer, CFA, is a Senior Portfolio Manager and Team Lead for Macquarie Asset Management’s Ivy Large Cap Growth Team, where he is responsible for making day-to-day investment decisions for the team’s strategy. He joined Ivy Investments in 2007 as an Investment Analyst, and was appointed Assistant Portfolio Manager in 2011 and Portfolio Manager in 2016. Ivy was acquired by Macquarie in 2021. Mr. Klapmeyer received a bachelor of science in finance and a minor in economics from Truman State University. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Profile
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TWST: Would you point out for readers what you think is important to note about Macquarie’s U.S. asset management business?

Mr. Klapmeyer: