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Good Corporate Governance, Quality and Valuation in Emerging Markets

Anwaar Wagner is an investment professional with Old Mutual Investment Group. He is responsible for analyzing key components of global emerging markets and the balance providing his team with quality input on the South African resource sector, being the largest equity sector within the market. Mr. Wagner was part of the ELECTUS team from January 2011 until January 2015. Mr. Wagner joined Old Mutual Investment Group in December 2004. As Head of Resources Sector Research for Old Mutual Investment Group’s Equity Research boutique, he was responsible for the diversified mining companies and nonmining companies, such as steel, forestry and paper. He was also Fund Manager of the Old Mutual Mining and Resources Fund. Under his management, this unit trust won numerous industry awards for performance. Before joining Old Mutual Investment Group, Mr. Wagner spent five years with Metropolitan Asset Management, where he worked as a dealer, quantitative analyst, and resources equity analyst and portfolio manager. Before that, he worked for Oasis in various positions. Mr. Wagner has 17 years’ investment experience. Profile
TWST: The Old Mutual Global Emerging Markets Fund is an emerging markets fund. What are some of the advantages of an emerging markets fund right now? 

Mr. Wagner: We always try to