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Global Oil Complex Has Been Hit on Both the Supply and Demand Sides

Curran, Thomas
Thomas Curran, CFA, is Senior Vice President of B. Riley FBR, Inc. With over a decade of experience as a senior sellside equity analyst, Mr. Curran has covered every segment of the energy equipment and services value chain as well as select other industries, e.g., desalination equipment, calcium chloride, power transmission, etc., and conducted due diligence and/or provided support for diverse array of equity offerings totaling over $775 million, including 144a, IPO, private placement and ATM — at the market — transactions. He has been ranked number three out of 40 for stock picking in the energy equipment and services category in the 2018 Thomson Reuters Analyst Awards and has appeared in myriad media outlets, such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and Forbes. Profile
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TWST: Can you tell our readers what your coverage universe is?

Mr. Curran: At B. Riley FBR, we focus on micro through smid, what we call