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Global Income Investing Strategies – Anthony Danaher – Guild Investment Management

Anthony Danaher is the President and Chief Compliance Officer of Guild Investment Management in Los Angeles, California. In 1990, he was hired by Guild Investment as an accountant and administrator. By 1993, Tony had risen to President, and in addition to portfolio management duties, he performs securities analysis, manages trading, and supervises business development, marketing and client relations. Tony was born and raised in Kansas City. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with a focus on Accounting from Maharishi University of Management. He then received his MBA degree from Pepperdine University. His background in accounting is essential in maintaining client records and reporting to clients, and in researching investment opportunities. Guild Investment Management specializes in active global investments for high net worth clients and institutions. While most financial services companies tend to focus a significant percentage of their resources on asset gathering, Guild focuses most of its resources on investment research, portfolio growth, and client relations. Even with a focus aimed at identifying investment strategies for current clients, as opposed to actively seeking new clients, Guild Investment Management's assets and client base have quadrupled since 2003. Tony considers Guild Investment Management to be cautious stewards of its client assets. Guild Investment Management specializes in actively managed global portfolios for high net worth clients and institutions. Profile
TWST: Please start with an overview of Guild Investment Management and your investment philosophy?

Mr. Danaher: Guild Investment Management manages investment portfolios for high net worth