Healthcare >> CEO Interviews >> March 18, 2002

Geoffrey Cox – Genzyme Transgenics Corporation (gztc)

GEOFFREY F. COX has more than 30 years of pharmaceutical and biotechnology experience. In 1984, Dr. Cox joined Genzyme Corporation in the UK and became Senior Vice President, Operations in the US in 1988. Dr. Cox later became Executive Vice President responsible for operations and the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and genetics business units of Genzyme. Prior to joining Genzyme, Dr. Cox was General Manager of UK manufacturing operations for Gist-brocades. In 1997, Dr. Cox became Chairman and CEO of Aronex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and subsequently, in July 2001, became Chairman and CEO of Genzyme Transgenics Corporation. Profile
TWST: Could we begin with a brief historical sketch of Genzyme

Transgenics Corporation and an overview of what you're doing at

the present time?

Mr. Cox: Genzyme Transgenics Corporation, or