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Generating Long-Term Returns Through a Managed-Risk Approach

Harden, David
Dave Harden is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Summit Global Investments. A graduate of Boston College, B.A., and Boston University, M.S.C.S., Mr. Harden has established himself as an expert in investment technology and quantitative research. Over the past 21 years in the investment management field, he has proven his ability as a portfolio manager and equity strategist. Mr. Harden worked with Fidelity Investments, Evergreen Investments and Ensign Peak Advisors, where he was responsible for developing and implementing numerous portfolio strategies. For the past eight years, he focused on managing institutional assets taking a managed risk approach to asset management and continues to do so at SGI. He is one of only a handful of active portfolio managers in the world who has researched, constructed, implemented and actively managed significant assets in the managed risk or low volatility equity space. Profile
TWST: Can you tell us about your role in the firm and also the funds that you wanted to talk about today?

Mr. Harden: I am the President and CIO of Summit Global