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Geert Cauwenbergh – Barrier Therapeutics (btrx)

GEERT CAUWENBERGH is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Barrier Therapeutics. Prior to founding Barrier, Dr. Cauwenbergh was Vice President of Technology of the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Consumer and Personal Care Products Companies. In this capacity, he created technology platforms based on intellectual property and know-how owned by Johnson & Johnson, and developed a business proposition around these platforms as the basis for new companies or new businesses within J&J. The creation of Barrier Therapeutics as a separate company devoted to the clinical development and commercialization of dermatological products in-licensed from J&J affiliates is a direct consequence of his efforts in this area. Previously, Dr. Cauwenbergh served as Vice President of Research & Development of the J&J Consumer Companies Worldwide, managing a global organization of over 100 people, with an annual budget of $35 million, and he also was a member of the J&J Business Development Council. In 1994, Dr. Cauwenbergh became Vice President of Product Development and a member of the Management Board of the US J&J Consumer Company. He also was the Director of the Corporate Skin Care Council of J&J, coordinating the skin care activities in the different operating groups of the corporation. Earlier in his career, he held positions in sales, and national and international marketing, and he was responsible for the successful global introduction of Nizoral' (ketoconazole). Dr. Cauwenbergh joined the R&D organization of the Janssen Research Foundation in 1982, where he held positions of increasing global responsibility and oversaw development of drugs such as Sporanox', Nizoral' Shampoo, Terazol', and topical Sufrexa'. His R&D activities have also involved him in the fields of psoriasis, acne, wound healing, atopic dermatitis, protozoal infections, and HIV. Dr. Cauwenbergh has authored over 100 publications and co-authored several books. He received his Medical Sciences from the Catholic University of Leuven, Faculty of Medicine, where he also completed his Master's and undergraduate work. Profile
TWST: Would you begin with a short history and overview of Barrier


Dr. Cauwenbergh (Chairman & CEO): Barrier Therapeutics is a company that

was started in September of 2001.