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Gary Orf – Argent Capital Management Llc

GARY J. ORF is Managing Director of Argent Capital Management, LLC. He is responsible for stock market research efforts and is actively involved in portfolio management activities. Mr. Orf has over 14 years' experience in the investment management industry. He previously served as Senior Securities Analyst at Mississippi Valley Advisors. Mr. Orf earned BS and BA degrees in Finance from the University of Missouri, Columbia, in 1986 and an MBA degree from the University of Missouri, St. Louis, in 1989. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a member of the St. Louis Financial Analyst Society and Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts. Profile
TWST: Give our readers a brief description of Argent Capital Management

and your responsibilities there.

Mr. Orf: Argent Capital Management is a boutique investment management

firm. We invest