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GARP With a Value Tilt in Canadian Investing

Hanskamp, Willem
Willem Hanskamp is the Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of C.F.G. Heward Investment Management Ltd. He started his career as an Analyst with the Amsterdam-Rotterdam Bank in 1975. Later, Mr. Hanskamp joined Credit Lyonnais Netherlands and Paribas Netherlands, where he specialized in global research and portfolio management. Mr. Hanskamp moved to Canada and joined C.F.G. Heward in 1990. Today, Mr. Hanskamp’s areas of concentration are Canada, overseas EAFE, and fixed income securities. Additionally, he is the Lead Manager of the C.F.G. Heward Fund and Co-Manager of the C.F.G. Heward Canadian Dividend Growth Fund.  Profile
TWST: Last year, you told us the investment philosophy at C.F.G. Heward Investment Management is generally a GARP approach with somewhat of a value bias. What do you believe makes