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Fundamentally Driven Strategy to Small/Midcap Value Investing

Harman, Bryn D.
Bryn D. Harman, CFA, as Senior Portfolio Manager at Ken Roberts Investment Management, Inc., brings more than 17 years of diversified financial experience to the portfolio management team. He is responsible for sector and individual security analysis, portfolio construction and portfolio management. Before 2000, Mr. Harman’s career was focused on public company financings in the western Canadian equity market. In 2000, he joined Redchip Companies as a Research Analyst emphasizing small-capitalization equity research in the technology, consumer discretionary and industrial sectors. After being promoted to the position of Senior Research Analyst, he also supervised and mentored a team of research analysts. When Redchip Companies was acquired in 2002, Mr. Harman joined ICM Asset Management, Inc., as a Senior Research Analyst. After being appointed as ICM’s Director of Research, he managed a team of equity analysts and directed all research and analytical processes across a broad market-capitalization range. During his tenure at ICM, Mr. Harman also comanaged the firm’s large-cap and globally dominant strategies. In 2007, he was recruited to the corporate finance side of the business, ultimately serving as Chief Financial Officer, Director and Corporate Secretary of Hunt Mining Corp. Mr. Harman was responsible for leading and managing Hunt Mining’s financial strategy, corporate financing activity, financial reporting, accounting and public company compliance. He was successful in this role, raising equity capital and attaining a listing on the TSX Venture Exchange. Mr. Harman received his bachelor's of commerce degree in finance and economics from the University of Saskatchewan. He is a member of the CFA Institute. Mr. Harman is also a member of the firm’s board of directors. Profile
TWST: Please give us an overview of the Small Mid Value Strategy.

Mr. Harman: The Small Mid Value Strategy is a relatively new separate account product. We have been running it for