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For High Yield Investors, Free Cash Flow Is Key to Weathering Recession

Sydow, Robert
Robert Sydow is a Senior Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager at Mesirow Financial. He runs the Mesirow High Yield and Leveraged Loan group. In his 34 years in the business, he has also been a senior high yield portfolio manager at First Interstate Bancorp, SunAmerica, and his own firm, Grandview Capital. He has managed high-yield debt for the largest foundation in the world and presently manages for one of the three largest sovereign wealth funds. Before his investment career, Mr. Sydow held several positions at Atlantic Richfield Company, now part of BP, and was the Treasurer of First Interstate Bancorp. Mr. Sydow holds dual degrees in economics and history from UCLA, a Juris Doctor from UCLA Law School, and an MBA from UCLA Graduate School of Management. Profile
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TWST: Please introduce Mesirow Financial, its history, and your role there.

Mr. Sydow: Mesirow is a financial services company that has been