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Focusing on Company Management and Business Models in the Microcap Space

Ewing, Tim
Tim Ewing is a Managing Director in Mesirow Financial’s Wealth Advisors group. He is the Portfolio Manager for the U.S. Micro Cap Equity portfolio. Mr. Ewing has more than 23 years of investment management experience. Prior to joining Mesirow Financial in 2003, he was a portfolio manager for the large, balanced and small-cap portfolios of Lunn Partners Asset Management, where his responsibilities focused on quantitative and capital market research as well as specific industry coverage. Before that, he worked at Morgan Stanley Asset Management as a research analyst for the large-cap and balanced funds and a member of the investment team. Mr. Ewing earned a B.S. from the Illinois Institute of Technology and an M.A. from DePaul University, where he specialized in financial markets and applied econometrics. Profile
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