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Finding Small-Cap Growth Opportunities in Technology and Health Care

William Bales serves as Portfolio Manager and member of Bullseye Asset Management LLC. He previously served as the Portfolio Manager at Janus Capital Management responsible for the Janus Venture Fund and separately managed portfolios in the small-cap growth discipline. Mr. Bales joined Janus Capital Management in 1991 and became an analyst in 1993. He served as co-manager of the Janus Venture Fund from 1997 and became the sole portfolio manager in January 2001. Mr. Bales was selected as one of Barron’s Top 100 Fund Managers in 2001 and 2005, and received multiple awards from Lipper in 2008 for “Best Fund over 5 Years” and “Best Fund over 3 Years." Mr. Bales was featured in Investor's Business Daily in February 2007 under "Mutual Fund Profile." He received a Master of Science degree in marketing and finance and a Bachelor of Science in marketing from the University of Colorado. Mr. Bales has been in the investment industry since 1992. Profile
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TWST: Let's start with an introduction to Bullseye Asset Management, a bit about the history of the firm and your focus and business today.

Mr. Bales: