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Finding Long-Term Opportunities in Emerging-Market Infrastructure

Visse, Aaron
Aaron Visse is a Portfolio Manager at Salient Partners, L.P. and co-manages the Dividend Signal Strategy portfolios. Mr. Visse focuses on the global infrastructure market, and specializes in the energy, utilities and transportation equity sectors as well as companies based in South America. Previously, Mr. Visse was a portfolio manager at Kensington Investment Group, where he focused on global infrastructure and REITs. In 2009, Forward Management acquired Kensington, and subsequently, in 2015, Salient acquired Forward. Before joining Kensington in 2002, Mr. Visse worked as a senior research analyst at Linsco/Private Ledger — LPL — Financial Services, where he followed REITs and financial services companies. He holds a Master of Science in business administration, and is a CFA charterholder and member of the CFA Society of San Francisco. Profile
TWST: Let's start with an introduction to Salient for our readers, a bit about the firm's history and its current business.

Mr. Visse: Salient is a diversified