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F. Barry Nelson – Advent Capital Management

F. BARRY NELSON is Senior Vice President, Co-Portfolio Manager, and Research Director of Advent Capital Management, an investment firm specializing in convertibles. Previously, he was at Value Line, most recently as Portfolio Manager of the Value Line Convertible Fund and the Value Line Multinational Fund. He has also served as Vice President of International Research at NatWest Securities, Research Director of Louis Nicoud & Associates, and Portfolio Manager of Value Line U.S. Government fund. A Chartered Financial Analyst, Mr. Nelson holds a Bachelor's degree from New York University and an MBA from St. John's University. Married with two sons in college, his interests include cross-country skiing, industrial archaeology, mountain biking, and sailing. Profile
TWST: You have told us the best way to add value in utilizing

convertibles is to treat convertibles as a separate asset class

regardless of what others call the investment.

Mr. Nelson: