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Expanding the Opportunity Set Through Global Investing

Wadhwaney, Amit
Amit Wadhwaney is a Founding Partner at Moerus Capital Management LLC and the Portfolio Manager for the Moerus Global Value Fund and the Moerus Worldwide Value Fund. Mr. Wadhwaney has over a quarter-century of experience researching and analyzing investment opportunities in developed, emerging and frontier markets worldwide, and has managed global investment portfolios since 1996. Earlier, Mr. Wadhwaney was a Portfolio Manager and Partner at Third Avenue Management. Mr. Wadhwaney was the Founding Manager of the Third Avenue Global Value Fund, LP, the Third Avenue International Value Fund as well as many institutional separately managed accounts. Profile
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TWST: Could you tell me a little bit about the firm?

Mr. Wadhwaney: Moerus was founded in September 2015, by four of us. The three Founding