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ESG-Oriented Fund Manager Sees Resiliency in U.S. Tech Sector

Choi, Andrew
Andrew Choi is the lead Portfolio Manager of the Parnassus Growth Equity Fund, a Portfolio Manager of the Parnassus Core Equity Fund and a Senior Research Analyst. Mr. Choi has responsibility for portfolio management for the firm’s Growth Equity and Core Equity strategies and firmwide research. He joined Parnassus as a Senior Research Analyst in 2018 after serving as a Parnassus research intern. Prior to joining Parnassus, Mr. Choi worked at Deloitte Consulting as a business analyst. He received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Princeton University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Profile
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TWST: Could you tell me about the firm?

Mr. Choi: We’re an investment firm that started in 1984, based in San Francisco. And one of the