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Enhancing Returns With A Socially Responsible Strategy – Jamal Elbarmil – Azzad Asset Management

Jamal Elbarmil has served as the Vice President of Azzad Asset Management since April 2000, and as the Portfolio Manager for Azzad Ethical Mid Cap Fund since October 2008 and the Wise Capital Fund since its inception. He also manages Azzad's international and other portfolio models for institutional investors. Mr. Elbarmil developed ISFA, a software program designed to screen securities for compliance with socially responsible guidelines for Azzad. Prior to joining Azzad, Mr. Elbarmil was Vice President of Technology for Information Policy & Administration, Inc., in Virginia, where he supervised the development of software systems. Mr. Elbarmil has more than 10 years of investment management experience. He earned a master's degree in information systems from American University in Washington, D.C., and he is a Ph.D. candidate at George Mason University in Virginia. Profile
TWST: Please start with an overview and history of Azzad Asset Management.

Mr. Elbarmil: Azzad Asset Management is a registered investment adviser founded in 1997 in Falls Church, Va. We started by