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Enhanced Ip Services & Conferencing: Gerry Kaufhold – In-stat/mdr

Gerry Kaufhold founded and is a Principal Analyst for In-Stat Group/MDR's Converging Markets and Technologies Information Research Service. He has been with In-Stat/MDR since 1991, creating business models that are capable of predicting the dynamics of products for emerging, high technology marketplaces. He brings a unique and powerful insight to his analysis. He analyzes technology trends in the multimedia industry and forecasts the growth of emerging multimedia applications that are delivered over ethernet, cable TV, satellite, wireless and digital terrestrial network systems. Prior to joining In- Stat/MDR, he was New Business Development Manager for ST Microelectronics (formerly SGS-Thomson) and Linear Corporation. He was also Chief Engineer for commercial broadcast stations and a contributing editor to Broadcast Engineering magazine. He is a frequent contributor to Multichannel News, Electronic Business and other industry journals. Mr. Kaufhold is frequently quoted in industry publications and other broadcast media, and he is a popular speaker at industry conferences. His education is in physics and computer engineering. Profile
TWST: Would you start out by giving us an overview of In-


Mr. Kaufhold: The company has been around since 1981. It was

founded by an executive from Motorola (the Motorola