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Employing a Micro-to-Macro Strategy to Cover a Wide Universe of Stocks

Kuby, Eric
Eric Kuby is Chief Investment Officer of North Star Investment Management Corp. Mr. Kuby has over 30 years of experience serving both individual and institutional clients. As Chairman of the investment committee, Mr. Kuby is responsible for overseeing the firm’s various investment strategies. Mr. Kuby acts as Portfolio Manager for the North Star Micro Cap Fund, the North Star Opportunity Fund, the North Star Bond Fund and the North Star Dividend Fund. Mr. Kuby holds an MBA in finance as well as a B.A. in economics from The University of Chicago. Mr. Kuby and his family live in Lake Forest, Illinois. Profile
TWST: Can we start with an overview of the North Star Opportunity Fund? What’s the investment philosophy of the fund?

Mr. Kuby: The fund is an asset allocation fund in which our