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ETF Offers Cost-Efficient Exposure to Big Data Subsector

Jablonski, Sylvia
Sylvia Jablonski is Chief Investment Officer for Defiance ETFs. Ms. Jablonski manages Defiance’s retail and institutional investment research, capital markets and thematic ETF model portfolios. She is a recognized pioneer in the ETF industry. Acknowledged as a top expert in the ETF space, Ms. Jablonski is frequently featured on CNBC, Bloomberg and in The Wall Street Journal. Prior to joining Defiance, Ms. Jablonski  was Managing Director at Direxion, advancing ETF education and strategy throughout the global financial industry, including the United States, Asia and Mexico. Ms. Jablonski is a graduate of Boston College from which she received a B.S. She also holds an MBA from Fordham University. Ms. Jablonski  is FINRA Series 7, 3, 55, 63 and 24 licensed. She also holds Hong Kong LE Papers 1 and 2. Profile
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TWST: What motivated you to co-found Defiance ETFs?

Ms. Jablonski: I have been working with ETFs for most of my career.