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Edgar Peters, as Chief Investment Officer of PanAgora Asset Management, Inc., and co-Chair of its Investment Committee, is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the firm's investment strategies and product array. His insights into market dynamics and behavioral finance have not only added value to client portfolios but also stimulated the development of innovative investment technologies. An expert in tactical asset allocation strategies, he also manages PanAgora's asset allocation portfolio managers. Prior to joining PanAgora in 1985, Mr. Peters was Investment Technology Manager at Interactive Data Corporation and an Equity Analyst/Trader at Mutual Benefit Life. A gifted teacher, he has lectured extensively in the classroom as well as in the conference setting. The author of numerous articles in investment journals, he is also the author of the books Chaos and Order in the Capital Markets (Wiley, 1991), Fractal Market Analysis (Wiley, 1994), and Patterns In The Dark (Wiley, 1999). He is frequently sought after by radio, television and the print media for his insightful and timely commentaries on developments in the capital markets. A graduate of Montclair State College, he holds an MBA from Rutgers University. Profile
TWST: Would you give our readers a brief review of PanAgora Asset


Mr. Peters: PanAgora Asset Management is a quantitative investment firm.

We do everything from passive quant,