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Early-Stage Biotechs to Release Clinical Data Readouts in 2019

Raja, Kumaraguru
Kumaraguru Raja, Ph.D., MBA, is Director, Senior Biotechnology Analyst at Brookline Capital Markets. Before coming to Brookline Capital, Dr. Raja was Vice President, Biotechnology Research at Noble Life Science Partners. Dr. Raja has significant experience as an equity analyst in the health care industry with a focus on the biotechnology sector. Previously, he was a senior associate analyst for over five years on the Citi Research biotechnology team that has been continuously ranked highly for biotechnology in the All-America Institutional Investor survey. Dr. Raja’s expertise includes bottom-up scientific, financial analysis on companies across therapeutic areas and spectrum of market capitalizations. Dr. Raja has strong quantitative, scientific background with in-depth biotechnology and health care industry knowledge leveraged to identify compelling investment opportunities. Dr. Raja has substantial experience working with leading U.S. institutional clients. He has deep knowledge of the health care industry, including drug development, intellectual property, FDA and EMA regulations, reimbursement coverage and clinical science. Dr. Raja conducted postdoctoral research at Mayo Clinic to understand the epigenetic causes of cancer and at Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute to elucidate the molecular mechanisms concerning the role of human bone marrow stem cells in normal and leukemic hematopoiesis. He received his Ph.D. in biological sciences from Bowling Green State University and MBA from University of California, San Diego. Profile
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TWST: What do you cover currently, and could you express a few sentiments about it overall?

Dr. Raja: I mostly cover early-stage biotechnology