Technology >> CEO Interviews >> September 12, 2001

Douglas Schatz – Advanced Energy Industries Inc (aeis)

DOUGLAS S. SCHATZ co-founded Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. in 1981, and has been AE's Chairman of the Board and CEO since that time and was re-appointed President in March 2001. Mr. Schatz also co-founded Energy Research Associates, Inc. (Campbell, California) and served as its Vice President of Engineering from 1977 through 1980. Mr. Schatz is a Director of Advanced Power Technology Inc., a public company, and is a Director and Advisor to several private technology companies. He is a member of the CEO Committee of the Mountain States Council of the American Electronics Association and was Vice Chairman of that organization. He is on the Engineering Advisory Board of Colorado State University. Profile
TWST: Could we begin with a brief overview of the history and evolution

of Advanced Energy?

Mr. Schatz: We started a bit over 20 years ago in a garage in

California, and made our first