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Dividends Signal Company Health and Commitment to Shareholders

Patten, Erich M.
Erich M. Patten is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Cutler Investment Group. He also serves as a Portfolio Manager of the Cutler Equity Fund (DIVHX), and serves as President of the Cutler Trust, which provides oversight of the Cutler Equity Fund. Mr. Patten received his Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, and was awarded his Masters in Public Policy from the University of Chicago. He is a member of the Bellevue Rotary Club and a Cub Scout leader. Mr. Patten and his brother, Chief Executive Officer Matthew C. Patten, have managed the firm’s investment strategies since 2003. Profile
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TWST: Let’s start, if you wouldn’t mind, with a brief introduction to Cutler Investment Group.

Mr. Patten: Cutler Investment Group is