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Developing Investment Solutions in Response to Client Objectives

Kincade, Robert A.
Robert A. Kincade is President and Owner of Stonebridge Capital Advisors and is on the board of directors. He is responsible for equity portfolio management, marketing and administration. Mr. Kincade is a member of the Stonebridge Investment Review Committee and the Stonebridge Research Committee. He is a multiyear award recipient of the Five Star Wealth Manager designation, and under his management, Stonebridge has been ranked as a top-performing money manager by Lipper Marketplace. He has been a partner of Whitecliff Capital Partners, Vice President of Insight Investment, Regional Vice President of American Express Retirement Services and Senior Trust Officer of Northwestern Bank & Trust. Profile
TWST: I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me today, and I thought to get started maybe you could tell me a little bit about Stonebridge, and then go into your investment philosophy