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Defense & Commercial Aerospace – Rick Whittington – Jsa Research, Inc.

Rick WhitTington joined JSA Research, Inc., in the fall of 2007 to rejoin Paul Nisbet from their days at Prudential Securities in the early-mid-1980s covering the aerospace/defense electronics sector. After military service, Mr. Whittington worked in the Defense Department and Rand Corporation in 1977-1978, then held a succession of sellside and buyside jobs as defense electronics, semiconductor analyst and Research Director. Prior to JSA, he most recently covered aerospace/defense while also Research Director and semiconductor analyst at AmTech in 2002-2003 and co-covered aerospace/industrial infrastructure at Caris in 2005-2007 in a similar vein. He has a BA in Economics with high distinction (Phi Beta Kappa) from the University of Rochester and a two-year MPA in International Politics/Economics from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Profile
TWST: Which side should we start on, aerospace or defense?

Mr. Whittington: Let's do the commercial side of the equation.

TWST: What's going on there, given the economy and all the