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David Brady – Stein Roe & Farnham

DAVID P. BRADY is a Senior Vice President and Principal of Stein Roe & Farnham. He is responsible for managing more than $25 billion is assets and is Portfolio Manager of the Stein Roe Young Investor Fund, Stein Roe Large company Focus Fund, Stein Roe Growth Investor Fund and Stein Roe Capital Opportunities Fund. In addition, he co-manages the firm's institutional equity accounts and serves as Associate Portfolio Manager of Stein Roe Growth Stock Fund. He previously served as Associate Portfolio Manger of Special Fund, Special Venture Fund and the Stein Roe Variable Annuity Investment Trust's Capital Appreciation Fund. Mr. Brady, who joined the firm in 1993, was an Investment Analyst with State Farm Insurance Companies from 1986 to 1993. He holds a Chartered Financial Analyst designation, graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Arizona and earned a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Chicago. Profile
TWST: Getting young people involved in investing looks like a growing

trend. Explain how the Stein Roe Young Investor Fund plays its part in

that. What's the origin of the Fund?

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