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Data-Rich Internet Companies Target Consumers Across Screens

Sena, Ken
Ken Sena is a Managing Director in the equity research group, leading the equities coverage of Internet companies. His work explores consumer and enterprise-facing services and behaviors that are the result of changing trends within technology infrastructure, hardware and software, and relates these changes to companies and investment opportunities within advertising and media, travel, retail and payments. He has spent the last four years at Evercore Institutional Equities and was among the first of its founding partners. In addition to research, Mr. Sena co-heads EIE’s product management committee which has responsibilities across research, sales and trading. Mr. Sena is a member of EIE’s investment policy committee, which has research department oversight as well. Prior to joining Evercore, Mr. Sena was an Analyst at Credit Suisse and Bear Stearns. He also has more than seven years of combined corporate experience at MTV Networks and Time Inc., following his investment banking analyst position at Salomon Smith Barney. Mr. Sena graduated from the University of Pennsylvania magna cum laude in 1999, receiving a B.A. and BSE from its School of Arts & Sciences and its Wharton School. Profile
TWST: You cover several of the well-known Internet names. What is the overall picture there?

Mr. Sena: Well, I think it's some additional uncertainty in the world broadly, and I think