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Dailey J. Berard – Unifab International Inc (ufab)

DAILEY J. BERARD is the Founder, Chairman, President and CEO of UNIFAB International, Inc. and other subsidiaries. Mr. Berard is a 49-year veteran of the oil and gas industry and has published hundreds of articles and technical papers in trade journals, industry magazines and various local, state and national publications. He is a graduate in Civil Engineering and has done graduate work in Economics. Prior to founding UNIFAB, Mr. Berard worked for Tennessee Gas Pipeline as Area Civil Engineer and as a Registered Professional Surveyor in six states, responsible for the design and construction of hundreds of miles of land, swamp and offshore pipeline. He conceived, designed and developed the use of pre-stressed concrete bulkheads and platforms, designed underwater tapping equipment, offshore pipelay stingers and pipelay tensioners; structured and operated Houston-New Orleans, Inc.; Houston Systems; and Norman Offshore Services from 1966 to 1980. Mr. Berard served in various capacities ranging from Owner, President, Director in the construction of offshore structures from Chief Engineer, General Superintendent, Vice President, Owner, President, Director in the construction of offshore pipeline, platforms, barges, drilling rigs, compressor and generator packages, production and drilling modules, quarters buildings and all related offshore service for the worldwide market. Also, he is the Founder of Uniscape, Unisep and Unifuels for specialized equipment and services, Co-Founder of a $107 million agri- fuels plant, Bank Director, Co-Founder of Inexpo and Executive Quarters. All of these endeavors were active between the years 1951 to 1980. Mr. Berard operated in foreign countries such as Nigeria, Peru, Trinidad, Iran and in Saudi Arabia under the banner of Saudi UNIFAB. He investigated the possibilities of joint-venture relationships in China, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and Mexico, some of which are now developing in Mexico, West Africa and Trinidad. Profile
TWST: Give us a brief overview and history of your company.

Mr. Berard: In 1980, I founded Universal Fabricators, Inc. just as the

industry was beginning to take a nosedive due to low oil and