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D.eby / R.torray – Robert E. Torray & Co Inc

Robert E. Torray founded Torray LLC in 1972. He manages the assets of The Torray Fund, The Torray Institutional Fund and Torray LLC's separate institutional account business. Mr. Torray has utilized a long-term, value-oriented investment strategy. Before 1972, he was a Vice President and Manager of the Pension Fund Management Division of Eastman, Dillon, Union Securities & Co. He is a former Director of Sub Sea International Corporation, The Liberty Bank of Oklahoma, Charter Federal Savings Bank, The U.S. Satellite Broadcasting Company, CarrAmerica Realty Corporation and LaBranche & Co Inc. Mr. Torray entered the investment management industry after graduating from Duke University in 1959. Profile
DOUGLAS C. EBY, President of Robert E. Torray & Co. Inc. and Executive Vice President of The Torray Corporation, joined the company in 1992. He and Mr. Torray co-manage all of the assets for Robert E. Torray & Co. clients, as well as The Torray Fund and The Torray Institutional Fund. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Eby was an investment manager and research analyst for seven years at Thomson Advisory Group. He serves on the Board of Directors of Markel Corporation, a New York Stock Exchange listed company, and Suburban Hospital, a non-profit healthcare provider in Bethesda, Maryland. Mr. Eby earned his BA in Economics from Catholic University and received an MBA from Indiana University. Profile
TWST: Robert, would you begin by telling us about The Torray

Companies and your responsibilities there?

Mr. Torray: I founded Robert E. Torray & Co. in 1972 to manage