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Craig Kitchen – Catalytica Energy Systems, Inc. (cesi)

CRAIG KITCHEN joined Catalytica Energy Systems, Inc., in July 2000 and currently serves as the company's Director, President, and CEO. Prior to that, Mr. Kitchen was a Corporate Vice President at Triumph Group, a manufacturer of major airframe, structural and aircraft engine components, where he most recently directed business for the aerospace companies. From October 1994 to July 1997, Mr. Kitchen was a Partner and Manager of Business Operations at Stolper-Fabralloy, a supplier of combustors for aerospace and industrial gas turbine customers such as GE Aircraft Engines, Rolls-Royce, Allison Engine and Solar Gas Turbines. From 1982 to 1994, Mr. Kitchen served in several Senior Management positions and was Vice President, repairs and overhaul/business development for AlliedSignal. Mr. Kitchen holds a BSME from the US Air Force Academy and an MBA from the University of Northern Colorado. Profile
TWST: Would you begin with a brief historical sketch of Catalytica and

then a profile of the company as it is now?

Mr. Kitchen: Catalytica Energy Systems began its life as a research