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Contrarian Value Managers Eye Economically Sensitive Companies

Harvey, J. Dale
J. Dale Harvey is Founder and CEO of Poplar Forest Capital, LLC, as well as Chief Investment Officer and Chair of the Investment Committee. Before founding Poplar Forest, Mr. Harvey spent 16 years successfully managing portfolios and performing investment analysis for The Capital Group Companies. Prior to resigning from The Capital Group Companies, Mr. Harvey was portfolio counselor for five different American Funds mutual fund sub-accounts collectively accounting for over $20 billion of client funds. In addition to his investment responsibilities, Mr. Harvey was involved in numerous management and oversight roles within the mutual fund arm of The Capital Group Companies. Mr. Harvey received a B.S. in Commerce with Honors from the University of Virginia in 1987 after which he worked for Morgan Stanley & Co. in the Mergers and Acquisitions Department for two years. He then earned a Master of Business Administration with Honors from Harvard University in 1991 prior to joining The Capital Group Companies. Profile
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TWST: Give us a view to the fund you manage, its focus and what it aims to offer investors.

Mr. Harvey: At Poplar Forest, we are dedicated