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Concentrated ESG Fund Favors IT and Health Tech

Glick, Paula
Paula Glick co-founded Honeytree Investment Management in 2018. Ms. Glick brings over 20 years of experience in the investment industry and a wealth of knowledge in ESG and impact investing. Prior to founding Honeytree, Ms. Glick was Vice President, Business Development at MSCI Canada where she was responsible for ESG analytics, index, and research sales. Her extensive experience in ESG data began in 2004 at Sustainalytics as Director, Institutional Relations, developing the Canadian Institutional ESG market and overseeing the institutional relations team. Prior to joining Sustainalytics, Ms. Glick held various institutional and retail investment management roles. Ms. Glick has been a regular speaker at conferences as well as to board and investment committees on the subject of ESG and responsible investment. She is a board member of Syrinx Concerts Toronto, and manages her late father’s musical legacy. She lives in Toronto with her husband, two children and a cat. Profile
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TWST: Just to start things off, could you tell us what led you to establish Honeytree and what were you doing before?

Ms. Glick: I started in