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Combining Active and Passive Investing for Stability and Performance

Bacarella, Robert S.
Robert S. Bacarella is Founder, President and Portfolio Manager of Monetta Financial Services Inc. He began managing a growth portfolio for a Fortune 500 company pension plan in the mid-1970s. In 1979, Mr. Bacarella started an investment club, which eventually grew into an investment partnership in the early 1980s. In 1984, the partnership transformed into Monetta Financial Services, Inc., a registered investment advisory firm. In 1986, the flagship Monetta Fund was launched, emphasizing a growth-oriented investing philosophy. In 2006, the Monetta Young Investor Fund was launched, combining a passive/active investment approach. The passive portion seeks to minimize performance uncertainty relative to the market, while the active portion emphasizes large-capitalization growth stocks with a high degree of earnings sustainability and growth. Profile
TWST: I was reviewing some of the information on your website. So I thought, to begin, you could just tell me a bit about your firm, and then, we will move on to your investment