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Closed-End Funds Offer Attractive Yields, Tax-Advantaged Options

Scott, John Cole
John Cole Scott, CFS, is Chief Investment Officer of Closed-End Fund Advisors. Mr. Scott has worked at Closed-End Fund Advisors since 2001. He holds the FINRA 66 License and the Certified Fund Specialist designation (CFS). He is a graduate of The College of William and Mary and has been quoted and interviewed widely in the financial press, and has presented at conferences and for investment groups on more than 50 occasions. In 2008 Mr. Scott founded CEFA’s Closed-End Fund Universe, a data service covering all U.S. listed closed-end funds and BDCs. Currently supported by an internal 10-member data and analysis team, the service covers the 600+ ticker universe of CEFs/BDCs/iCEFs. They regularly do consulting and projects for CEF/BDC sponsors, hedge funds and institutional investors. He is a Portfolio Consultant with over $300MM+ in deposits into a UIT focused on BDCs with a fund sponsor partner. He developed 35 CEF/BDC based indexes: 9 diversified portfolio objective, 9 equity and 15 bond sector. Mr. Scott is also the Founder & Exec. Chairman of Active Investment Company Alliance (AICA). Mr. Scott is a past board member of The Richmond Association for Business Economics (RABE), and serves as Assistant Treasurer and on the Investment Committee for The New York State Society of The Cincinnati, and board member and Finance & Investment Committees for The William & Mary National Alumni Board. Profile
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TWST: Can you briefly describe what Closed-End Fund Advisors is?

Mr. Scott: Closed-End Fund Advisors is a 30-year-old registered investment