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Charles D. Osborne – Berry, Hartell, Evers & Osborne

CHARLES D. OSBORNE is President of Berry, Hartell, Evers & Osborne. Mr. Osborne has been active in the financial community in Northern California since 1970 when he was first a real estate appraisal officer, then a Trust Investment Officer for Crocker National Bank and next a principal in a Palo Alto investment counsel firm. Since 1983, Mr. Osborne has been an investment advisor with Berry, Hartell, Evers & Osborne, which was acquired by Northern Trust in 1989. Mr. Osborne is currently managing approximately $145,000,000 for 51 clients, including family groups, individuals, pension funds and charitable endowments. He authors the quarterly 'Economic Memorandum' reviewing investment trends and delineating the firm's policies and strategies. He sits on the national stock selection committee for Northern Trust which approves issues for our company guidance list. Mr. Osborne is a regular lecturer on investments and has appeared in 'The Wall Street Transcript' and 'Financial News Network.' Mr. Osborne, a native Californian, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1969 and a master's degree in business administration from the University of Santa Clara in 1974. He is Chairman of the Board of Homestead Ravioli, a San Francisco manufacturer of fine Italian foods since 1917. Additionally, he is a member of several corporate and charitable boards including Auburn Cablevision, the Monterey Institute of International Studies and San Francisco's Capp Street Project, and is a former President of the Coyote Point Museum for Environmental Education in San Mateo. He is a member of the Security Analysts Society of San Francisco and the Western Pension Conference. Profile
TWST: Berry, Hartell, Evers & Osborne was founded in the 1930s. Have

you always invested in low-risk growth stocks, Mr. Osborne?

Mr. Osborne: We did, but we didn't know what to call our