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Charles Boyle Iii – Prophet 21 Inc (pxxi)

CHARLES L. BOYLE III is President and Chief Executive Officer of Prophet 21, Inc. As President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Boyle guides Prophet 21, overseeing all corporate planning and strategic direction to ensure continued value for Prophet 21's employees, customers, and shareholders. Under his stewardship, Prophet 21 has become a leading provider of industry-focused technology solutions to the distribution industry, growing to more than 300 employees and 2,000 customers who value the company's goal of enabling them to increase sales and improve customer service while reducing operating costs. Mr. Boyle's views on management and the future of the distribution industry are considered essential for executives of distribution-centric organizations to develop successful long-term business plans. Before his appointment as President and CEO, Mr. Boyle made significant contributions to the company by holding various senior management positions, including Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Executive Vice President. A 1999 finalist for CEO of the Year from the Eastern Technology Council, Mr. Boyle earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Shippensburg University. Profile
TWST: Can we start out with a history and overview of Prophet 21?

Mr. Boyle: Prophet 21 develops enterprise software solutions, including

an Internet trading network, and offers supporting