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Capturing the Entire Value Chain of Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Briggs, Travis
Travis Briggs is CEO and Partner, U.S. of ROBO Global, LLC. A veteran of the finance and wealth management industry, Mr. Briggs is responsible for managing daily operations and executing the firm’s business strategy. Prior to joining ROBO Global in March 2014, Mr. Briggs served as Managing Director at Smith Group Asset Management in Dallas, where he created and led the firm’s Private Client Group. Before joining Smith Group, Mr. Briggs served as Chief Operating Officer and Director of Business Development at Dallas-based hedge fund Discovery Management. Earlier in his career, Mr. Briggs was the Director of Investor Relations at Triton Energy and worked as an analyst at Bank of America. Profile
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TWST: How did you get involved with ROBO Global, what does it do, and how is it structured?

Mr. Briggs: Our team recognized early on that we