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Canadian Cable & Media Trends – Tim Casey – Bmo Capital Markets

Tim Casey, CFA, has been an Equity Research Analyst at BMO Capital Markets or its predecessor firms since 1992, and he has focused on the media and cable sectors. He provides fundamental research on the broadcasting, printing, publishing, cable, wireless and entertainment industries. In addition to securities research, Mr. Casey has provided analysis for various industry and regulatory associations, as well as The Copyright Board of Canada and The Senate of Canada. According to independent surveys, Mr. Casey has consistently ranked as one of the top analysts in his field. The Wall Street Journal recently ranked him number one among 57 broadcasting and entertainment analysts in North America. The BMO media team received an "All Star" ranking in the 2010 Brendan Wood International survey. Mr. Casey holds an honours bachelor of administration degree, specializing in finance, from Brock University (1986) and the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Profile
TWST: What is your coverage in the wireless sector?

Mr. Casey: I cover cable and media in Canada, and my colleague Peter Rhamey does traditional telephone companies in Canada and the U.S. So he would