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Blair Richardson – Tgs Properties Ltd (

BLAIR E. RICHARDSON is the President, CEO, COO and Director of TGS Properties Ltd. Mr. Richardson has worked in executive capacities for international sales, securities trading and financial products for over 25 years. Currently Mr. Richardson is Managing Partner of B.E. Richardson Investments, which invests primarily in public and private equity markets including such diverse areas as real estate, venture capital, land development, leisure travel and corporate communications. Prior thereto, Mr. Richardson held a variety of positions with Morgan Stanley & Company from 1987 to 1995, including Managing Director of the Fixed Income Division, President of Morgan Stanley Japan, and served on the Worldwide Operating Committee of Morgan Stanley Asia Limited (Hong Kong). Profile
TWST: Could we begin with a brief historical sketch of TGS Properties,

Ltd., and then an overview.

Mr. Richardson: TGS Properties is really two parts. It has a property

building side to our