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Basic Needs Investing in Global Agribusiness, Timber and Infrastructure

Dambekaln, Susan L.
Susan L. Dambekaln is Founder and Portfolio Manager of Capital Innovations, LLC, a leading real assets manager, serving clients throughout North America, Europe and Asia. The firm’s specialized expertise and refined investment process seek to offer an efficient alternative for global real asset investors. Ms. Dambekaln’s professional focuses at Capital Innovations, LLC, include strategic leadership of the firm, portfolio management, equity valuation, risk modeling, performance attribution, trading strategies and compliance. She works on optimization, risk budgeting, and oversees all active portfolio trading and rebalancing. Ms. Dambekaln has over two decades of experience within the investment industry.  Profile
TWST: Could you give us an overview of the Capital Innovations Global Agri, Timber and Infrastructure Fund and its investment philosophy?

Ms. Dambekaln: The Capital Innovations Global